Terms & Conditions


"Terms and Conditions:

Subscription and Privacy Policy

There will be no cash refunds after subscription. Additionally, we do not offer any adult channels on any of our servers.


Please note that we follow up and support subscribers in case of any technical issues they encounter, attempting to resolve them to the best of our ability and providing them with temporary solutions.


All IPTV servers are prone to issues and cannot be compared to official subscriptions as we are only distributors and do not own the servers.


We provide technical support and try to offer maximum assistance. We also provide a temporary alternative if your subscription doesn't work.


We are technical support and strive to provide maximum assistance. We also offer a temporary alternative if your subscription doesn't work.


We are not owners of the servers, only distributors.


You may access websites or services that we do not own, control, or have access to through the Tera-4K service. We do not have control over the content, privacy policies, or practices of any external websites or services and do not assume any responsibility for them. You acknowledge and agree that we are not directly or indirectly responsible for any damage or loss alleged to be caused or related to your use or reliance on any content, goods, or services available through or from such websites or mentioned services. You should review the terms, conditions, and privacy policies of any external websites or services you visit.


Communications, acts of terrorism, or power outages.


Resulting from any alleged infringement or violation of intellectual property rights by third parties. Or


Resulting from the loss of data from your Tera-4K device or damage to it or damage to any other device used to access the Tera-4K service unless we fail to exercise reasonable care and skill.


It will be an indirect or consequential impact of the main damage or loss, which neither we nor you could have foreseen or anticipated when agreeing to the relevant terms of use. For example, if you lose revenue, salary, profits, opportunities, or reputation.


Regarding your use or display of any content.


As a result of a malfunction in your Tera-4K device or any other device used to access the Tera-4K service.


If you fail to comply with the relevant terms of use.


When we comply with the relevant terms of use.


The quality of your internet connection concerning any of the features of the Tera-4K service accessed through the internet.


Content quality and availability.


The availability of digital TV channels in your area.


There are other factors beyond our control that may affect your use of the Tera-4K service, such as:


We do not guarantee content availability at all times, as it may change from time to time due to factors beyond our control and without prior notice. We will make every effort to ensure that any changes in content do not result in interruption of the Tera-4K service.


The quality of the Tera-4K service you receive: We aim to provide continuous and high-quality service, although we do not guarantee constant availability of the Tera-4K service without interruption, on time, secure, or free from errors and omissions.


Tera-4K service and its responsibilities

These conditions clarify the following: Please carefully read these terms and conditions before using the Tera-4K service. You will find the terms and conditions outlined below and our privacy policy (referred to collectively as "Terms of Use") on the help page in the Tera-4K application and on our website at http://www.tera-4k.com."