Tera subscription for 24 months ( Full Package )

Tera subscription for 24 months ( Full Package )

Tera subscription for 24 months ( Full Package )

(  TERA TV 4K )

Tera TV 4K subscription offers high-quality picture and stable streaming during match times. Tera subscription includes all channels (Sports, Entertainment, Movies, Kids, Netflix, Documentary, Movie and Series Library).


✔... The most important features of Tera subscription:

✅ Includes more than 7000 channels in high-quality FHD.

✅ Offers the largest library of translated movies and series, with 13,000 movies and 3,000 translated series updated daily.

✅ Easy subscription and activation process.

✅ Tera server excels in channel stability and no interruptions.

✅ Ability to transfer the subscription to another device when changing devices."


✔... Tera TV subscription works on the following devices:

* Android devices

* Mobile phones of all kinds

* TV boxes - Apple TV

* Samsung, LG, and other smart screens.

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